Volunteer Registration for 2018 has closed! The organising committee for the Knights of St. Columbanus Christmas Day Dinner are sorry to announce; that Volunteer registration for 2018 has closed.

Christmas Day Dinner Volunteer Registration Closed


Volunteer Registration opens on October 1st each year

Volunteer Registration Has Closed for 2018

Each year the the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus receive an overwhelming response from members of the public who wish to attend the Christmas Day Dinner annual event as a volunteer. Again, this year was no exception with our quota for Christmas Day Volunteer exceeded within 6 hours opening with over 350 individuals registering their interest to become a Volunteer for Christmas Day 2018. Unfortunately, due to health and safety requirements and more importantly for the comfort of our guests attending on Christmas day, we are not in a position to exceed our maximum volunteer quota. We are only too aware of the disappointment that this may and offer our sincerest apologies at this time.

Volunteers Registered
Vltrs 250
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
Vltrs 355
donation thermometer
01/10/18 16:54
Volunteer Registration Opened Oct 1 2018 at 09:00
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