Frequently Asked Questions by those who have registered…

Q. I registered a couple of weeks ago – but I have still not heard anything back?
A. When registration has completed, an invitation will be sent to the email address provided inviting you to attend your training day. Please follow us on twitter as all announcements related to the Christmas Day Dinner will be posted from the twitter account dedicated to the Christmas Day Dinner - @ChristmasDD

Q. How can I tell if registration has completed?
A. You will know when registration has completed as the registration button will have turned red stating 'Registration Closed'. The best way to know when registration has completed for the Christmas Day Dinner and to keep up to date with all things Christmas Day Dinner - is to follow us on Twitter - @ChristmasDD

Q. Registration has completed – but I still haven’t received my invite?
A. The Christmas Day Dinner Committee of the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus send out invites to as many as 100+ email addresses per email. On occasion, your email spam filter may filter this email as spam due to the high number of recipients. Please double check your spam folder for your invite.

Q. I have registered more than one person using my email address but I've only received one invite?
A. The invitation is open to those you have registered using your email address. Their details have been added to the register for the training day.

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